Comic List

Just a list of what I read.
Comments are just my own personal notes.
Any "organization" is for similar reasons.

Actively Reading

Original Listing

VG Cats <-- Not updated too frequently.
Cyanide and Happiness <-- Updates daily with flash videos added now and then.
xkcd <-- Updates Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
A Softer World <-- Updates a few times a month.
Questionable Content <-- Week day updates.
Penny Arcade <-- Been around forever and updates regularly.
Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal <-- Also been around awhile and there's a few other comics in the archive.
The Book of Biff <-- Updated weekdays
Station V3 <-- Updated regularly enough.
Rock, Paper, Cynic <-- Style is (was) normally a single photo with comments.
Bug <-- Pretty steady with weekday updates.

slower updates
Looking For Group <-- Organized into volumes like a comic book.
The System <-- Done with international signs.
Sandra and Woo <-- Auf Deutsch.
Octopus Pie <-- Updates Monday, Wednesday and Friday, when there is a current plot.

Ctrl+Alt+Del <-- Has only slightly matured over the years, which is for the best.
Little Gamers - Hot Swedish Love <-- Very extensive, took ages to play catch up on.
The Trenches <-- Also has anonymous "Tales From The Trenches".
Romatically Apocalyptic <-- www.rom.ac .

Calamitites of Nauture <-- Done as of 3/12/12.
Left-Handed Toons (by right-handed people)
basketcase comix
Dr. McNinja
Turbosloth <-- So bad that it's not 1/2 bad.
Little Worlds <-- great concept.
Fuzznuts <-- Updates twice a week.
Apathetic Rant <-- Not only stopped updating, but no longer hosted it seems. 11/22/09
Her! Girl vs Pig <-- Believe he's persueing other projects.

The Best Page In The Universe

In Motion

I also recommend checking these out.
They have more video and audio action than the others.
Red vs. Blue
Zero Punctuation
Ask A Ninja
Unforgotten Realms
SMBC Theater